avatar Thomas Michael Rodriguez

Software Engineer

San Diego   tommyr.me

Elm, Elixir, Ruby

Thomas Rodriguez is currently a database engineer for Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare Operations Reporting department. He writes data solutions using ETL’s, stored procedures and good communication. He also is a full stack web developer creating projects such as tossbounty.com, tommyr.me, and freegex.com.


Junior Database Developer for Kaiser Permanente   February, 2018 - current

MSSQL, Alteryx, Oracle > Junior database engineer solving problems for the Medicare Operations Reporting department in the form of ETLs and stored procedures for the MSSQL platform. Data was sourced from a number of Kaiser medicare databases and transformed into fuel for billing analytics, and quality metrics. Awarded Alteryx Core Certification.

Junior Software Engineer for Parallel6   September, 2015 - December, 2017

Ruby, Rails, Javascript > Junior software engineer working for Parallel6 putting together a web platform for clinical trials. Features helped with included writing a data model for interfacing with a third party clinical trial management system and content caching for core content storage.


Mechanical Engineering   2009 - 2013

Matlab, Labview

Open Source


After seeing a problem with funding open source, TossBounty was conceived and built with Elixir/Phoenix, and Elm along with Stripe for processing to allow maintainers to easily create campaigns. Code is at github.com/trodrigu/toss_bounty and github.com/trodrigu/toss_bounty_frontend.


Many times when processing large amounts of data a regex pattern was needed to parse out something specific. In order to scratch this itch, freegex.com was created. The code is at https://github.com/trodrigu


I write frequently about Elm and Elixir at https://tommyr.me



Visual Studio Code

Operating System